This book, is in keeping with the author’s penchant for comedy – interspersed works on, if not paranormal, then not – so normal phenomena. Like the more famous The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, the author offers some fantastic and hilarious explainations for some equally fantastic happenings.
The book starts of with an explosion of one of the departure teminals of the Heathrow airport – with no rational cause being found for it (though a number of organizations rush foward to take resposibility). One of the novel’s main protagnists is an American woman, Kate who happens to be in the vicinity, when the afore mentioned events occur.  She decides to investigate some matters on her own, and finds herself in the midst of her wildest adventure ever.
There is also Dirk Gently, the other protaganist, a private detective, who finds himself drawn into the same adventure, through another series of bizzare phenomena. His sole client at the moment,  who claims to be in danger owing to a “Green eyed monster” bearing a scythe, is found murdered in his home, in a gruesome (yet funny, mind you) way. Dirk then finds himself being drawn into the investigation of the circumstances surounding his client’s death..
The adventures of the two protaganists is narrated in a brilliant and an almost “Wodehousian style”, to quote Stephen Fry. The circumstances under which the two meet – is so imaginative and downright funny – it must be read to be experienced. There is also a comic song, by a famous band , repeated often in the book – which I just could not help quoting. It goes like this –
“Hot Potato,

Don’t pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

Quick, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on…”
In short this is a must read for those who loved the “Hitchhiker..” series and even, in my opinion for PGW fans.