’twas a swirling pallette of lights,
Red, blue,yellow, white
That morphed,
In the blink of an eye,
To reveal a silhouette,
Of startling feminine beauty!
Pale, yet lovely,
Lively, yet lonely
Sad, yet somehow privy,
To the myriad mysteries of life.

As I gazed up at her,
Dumb and awestruck.
The silhouette seemed to move-
Her hands and face
Coming into clear view.
Desperately did she seem to clutch
At the strands of colorful lights..
That appeared to me..
To be a life’s moments..
But through her fingers
They slipped,
While she watched-
Grim and tight lipped-
Into another swirling pallet –
Of lights too bright
And too many-
To untangle and free..