The dense spikes

that ran along the length

of her brown body,

made for a sight

none too pretty.

As her neighbors,

pointed and sniggered,

she felt herself

longing to wallow,

in self pity,

yet again.

But no,

she commanded herself,

not a single drop

of another precious tear

will i waste –

for non-conformance

to common tastes.

It is through

no fault of mine,

that I came to possess-

these dense spines,

on my otherwise

beautiful body;

rather it seems to me-

a part of a plan divine.

I shall henceforth,

place all my trust and hope,

in this plan,

drafted for me alone,

by the power and grace

of the almighty…

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The best favor you would be doing yourself, is to love yourself the way you are – not worrying about ‘conformance’ to the widely accepted societal norms. Have a great day! Cheers!


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