Thank you Sri  for this! Your comments on my post and this, just made my day!

So here are my answers, my friend:

  1. What is one outstanding quality that sets you apart from others?  – Hmmm that’s a tough one. I guess I’m an outstanding day dreamer – no one can beat me here!
  2. Which is that one achievement of yours that you would like to remember forever? – Funny as it may seem, that would be the launch of my blog, finally!
  3. Which has been the happiest moment of your life? – The minutes, hours, days spent writing something I’ve started (It’s true ! :-))
  4. One person with whom you would love to share a Vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce (drooling!)…okay, obsession apart, can also be a hot cup of coffee? – Well, my husband – any day!
  5. One thing you wish didn’t exist in this world? – Silk board (Bangalore) traffic jams!
  6. Which is that one mad scientist with whom you would go on a cruise? And why? – I don’t know about mad, but that would be Thomas Alva Edison! My all time favorite – would love to ask him a lot of things – don’t know if one cruise would be enough!
  7. Which quality of yours you wouldn’t want to change for a dime? – Hmmmm, a tough one, but I would say I don’t want to change anything! I would like to remain the same :-).
  8. One wrong notion that people around you, have about you. – That I’m quiet and well behaved!
  9. Given a choice to carry just two things in the Noah’s ark, which two things would you choose? (Remember, it is THINGS….not people…your entire family with grand pappas and aunts and neighbours are already inside the ark!) – A toy sheep gifted by my husband and my kindle ! (hope it survives all the water though!)
  10. Which is one ice-cream (not again!) flavour that your would love to invent? – Hmmmm, let’s see some caramel + some not so common fruit – guava perhaps?
  11. Which is one perfume that you would love to invent? – Something with the scent of the first rains touching the earth?

Okay, here are my nominees :

  1. Saiswaroopa
  2. Srishti Walia
  3. Izza
  4. Sweety
  5. Pratyu rules are simple:
    1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
    2. Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
    3. Create eleven questions to the nominees.

    And my questions are:

    1. Which is your favorite book and why?
    2. Which political leader would you like to be and why?
    3. Which has been the best day of your life?
    4. If you had a choice to do so, which sport would you choose for a career?
    5. Which movie director do you adore and why?
    6. Given a chance, which grade at school would you like to repeat and why?
    7. Which is your favorite TV news channel and why?
    8. Who is your favorite fictional character (movie, book or even in your head!) and why?
    9. What is your ultimate aim in life ? (Real, imaginary, anything?)
    10. What is the one place in this world, you would give anything to visit? And why?
    11. What is your favorite dish and why?